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Tue Sep 28 21:40:12 1999 --- (George Duff)
Thanks for visiting at R H Positive Music!

Wed Oct 13 14:47:46 1999 --- (Craig Webb)
Just got turned on to R.H.'s music by CJRT"s Blues Hours. Ordered the cd today and am very unahppy I never had the priviledge of seeing Ron perform. An amazing talent to be sure!.

Wed Jan 19 16:21:12 2000 --- (Chris Dragon)
Just herd "Someday". Pure rootsy music that hits the "tone"

Wed Jul 11 11:30:17 2001 --- (Aldin Majid)
Ron, My God, you're still around.I'm real glad. Had always had you in my mind, even at NASA. Remember me, Aldin ? 1980 -Bloor & Bathurst/Toronto. How's Tommy and your daughter back in Virginia? Man, we had some memory back then - booze, your gigs (guitar/drums & piano -yeah I remembered you played stimultaneously )and submarines. I know the album sound familiar. Me, family man, and back home. E-mail at aldin57@hotmail.com

Wed Jul 11 11:45:42 2001 --- (aldin)
Oh my god, i just send a mail not realising that ron is not around anymore - realised it after reading other page attribute to him. To whomever saw my mail chat - my condolence as i knew Ron when i was doing grade 13 and then U of T back in 1980-82. he was my neighbour at a rooming house. Ron gave a kind of friendship (even though it was hard times for him) that no nerd physicist cum musician ever had and strenghten me to enter princeton.

Sun Nov 4 20:58:23 2001 --- (classena)

Sun Nov 4 20:58:49 2001 --- (classena)

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