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To the Toronto music community who donated their services on December 13, 1998. Glenn, The T.O Jazz Allstars, Morgan Davis, Unknown Maracas, Kenny Brown, John T. Davis, Jackie Richardson, Naomi Tyrell, Tiki Mercury-Clarke, Vito Rezza and Five After Four, The Pie Guys, Elaine Kilpatrick, Thom Cosgrove, Johnny Wright and Hotline, Downchild, Danny Marks, John Valenteyn, and all the individual players and bandmembers from the above evening.

In addition, Long & McQuade, The Brunswick House, Randy Charlton, Roy Lane, Glenn Kimberley, Kid Carson, George Duff, Jonathan Blumberg, Bob Webster, Rick Parney, Dave Yarmus, Diane Roblin, Toni Thomas-Johns, David Dixon, Paul Sanderson, Charnie Guettel, Will Cunningham, whose input and love for Ron helped this project materialize.

Band Credits

A special note of gratitude to the producers for their hours and efforts in restoring and revitalizing material that has now become timeless. Mastered by Andy Krehm at Silverbirch Productions. Apologies to any players not included.

Tracks 1,5,14: Ron Hedland - Hammond Organ and Vocals; Bill Bridges - Guitar; Don (D.T. Thompson, Pat Perez - Tenor Sax; Earl Seymore - Baritone Sax; Larry Cramer, Steve Crowe - Trumpet; Terry Lukiwski - Trombone; Lionel Williams - Bass; Bill King - Piano; Vito Rezza - Drums. Horn arrangements:1,5 - Bill Bridges; 14 - D.T. Thompson; Ron Hedland. Producer: David Harcourt at Windfield Sound; Remix at Studio 92 by Norm Baker (1993).

Tracks 2,9,11,13: Ron Hedland - Hammond Organ, Drums, and Vocals; Thom Cosgrove - Guitars and Vocal; Al Kavenaugh - Bass; Jono Grant - Keyboards, Percussion; Producers: Jono Grant and Ron Hedland. Engineer: Jono Grant at Victory Drive Recording (1992).

Tracks 3,4,6,7,8,10,12,15: Ron Hedland - Keyboards, Drums, and Vocals; Thom Cosgrove (3,4,6,10), Mitch Lewis, Brian Wakelin (8) - Guitar; George Phillips (4,10), Hap Roderman (3), Delbert Metheral (8) - Bass; Lou Natale (4,15) - Keyboards; Keith Smith (3) - Banjo; Bruce Miller (10) - Violin; Pineapple Frank (8) - Steel Guitar; Studebaker Hawk (12). Producers: Dave Mayle, Ron Hedland; Engineer: Dave Mayle (1973-1978).

Executive Producers: Fraser Finlayson, Gary Kendall
Art Design: Michael Houslander
Photos: Ron Rodge Archives
CD Notes: Fraser Finlayson
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